The Bonsecours district is built on the former border between Trouville and Hennequeville. Acting as a link between the town and the countryside, the area offers a quiet haven a few metres from the bustle of the town centre.



This residential district just a stone's throw from the beach and the town is mainly composed of dwellings. A few small hotels have also made it their stronghold. And then of course there's theBon Secours church as well as the little chapel of Notre-Dame-de-Pitié.

In short, this is a small corner full of charm which stands out from its much more crowded surroundings.

You can take it easy or walk around. There are little hidden corners, dead-ends, steps and passages to explore. You can lose yourself in the narrow streets and be amazed by the architecture, the originality, the colours and the charm!

The heights of Trouville

Whilst exploring the nooks and crannies, you will find small, hidden steps. If you take them, you'll end up on the heights of Trouville, with beautiful views to admire.

With just a small climb, there's a lovely view! You can stop to appreciate it and then continue the ascent between the villas in search of other small glimpses.

When you turn around to see what you are leaving behind, you are dazzled by the view across the rooftops of the town and the blue of the sea in the distance. And then those hilly streets which drop away before you... Welcome to San Francisco Normandy-style!