Rue des Bains is the link between the authentic Trouville-sur-Mer of the fishing port and the beach resort of Trouville-sur-Mer.

Trouville-sur-Mer has managed to preserve its soul as a small fishing village. As towns grow and become more vibrant, they sometimes lose some of their identity and charm. But Trouville has managed to combine youth and vibrancy with its warm and authentic soul.


The Rue des Bains embodies the heart of the town. This is a small, largely pedestrian street with cafés, restaurants and a variety of small shops. It is a lively street in which to relax, stroll and party. In amongst the bars and restaurants are shops selling regional products, wine cellars, as well as small shops selling clothes, jewellery, interior décor, art and antiques. It is this diversity which illustrates the combination of the resort's history and the vibrancy of the neighbourhood.

Savignac's murals and the art galleries and art dealers, who also offer workshops, are a reminder of the Trouville's past and of the artistic soul which still inspires people.

Add to that a few cobblestones, charming architecture with fishermen's houses and the sound of seagulls having fun not far away on the beach and you'll get a sense of the warm atmosphere that gives Trouville-sur-Mer its identity.

The small streets adjacent to the rue des Bains

While strolling in the rue des Bains, open your eyes to what surrounds you. You will inevitably come across these narrow, hilly streets coming from all sides. By venturing there, you will realize that they are full of pretty houses, all full of charm, colors and half-timbering.

A scene that will make you want to get lost in these steep little streets and climb the little stairs hidden there to end up breathless but amazed.

It is an ideal area in which to stroll around while breathing in the aromas emanating from the restaurants and where you can explore the traditional, friendly atmosphere of Trouville-sur-Mer.