The resort's authenticity comes in part from its fishing port and fish market. The docks are the oldest part of the town. In fact, it is from this small fishing port that Trouville-sur-Mer was born.

As a result, the quay district has both an authentic and warm atmosphere conducive to relaxation and passing the time of day.

The tranquility and authenticity of the quayside

The quays are a starting point for sea walks and also for a nice stroll along the Touques river. Alone, with family, friends or as a couple, you can wander and watch the small moored trawlers and sailors busy in the port.

Gulls swoop overhead and fishermen land their catches to fill the stalls in the fish market and the plates in the restaurants.

And then on towards thefish market: You make your way among the fishmongers, who greet you and smile. You can smell the fish and shellfish. You can also admire the pretty picture that these well-stocked stalls create.

And where would this fish market be without its traditional Neo-Norman style? Its picturesque half-timbered and brick architecture just oozes history. It is one of the symbols that gives the district and the town all its charm and authenticity.


Although peaceful, the quays are also the scene of many events. They host concerts, temporary installations, celebrations and events of all kinds.

On a daily basis, it's sales and tastings at the fish shop that enliven the place. Three days per week, the steps come to add life to the quays. They make the passers-by swarm Pont des Belges to the fish market.

But the quays are also adorned with many cafes and restaurants. Passing in front of the terraces, we hear the laughter and the clanking of cutlery. The atmosphere is light and joyful, you feel good.