From the Pont des Belges to the Château d'Aguesseau and the rue Général de Gaulle, a vast district offers visitors

A place with a history

The Pont des Belges, which connects Trouville to Deauville, is a place of passage, of memory and of strolling. You can stroll there and use it to get to either side of the Touques. Formerly Pont de l'Union, it was then named Pont des Belges in honour of the Belgian soldiers of the Piron brigade who liberated Trouville and Deauville in 1944. .

For the record, Deauville was liberated on August 22, 1944 and Trouville on August 24, 1944. When Deauville was liberated, the Germans bombed the town and destroyed the bridge. Two Belgians lost their lives there.

These two soldiers have their names inscribed at the entrance to the bridge. In the middle of it, there is also a memorial to the Belgian and Luxembourg soldiers of the Piron Brigade.

The view from the Pont des Belges

The bridge is obviously used by passers-by who wish to reach one side or the other of the Touques. But it is also a place where you can stroll and delight in the surrounding scenery.

Seagulls circle over the Touques. There are fishing boats moored in the harbour. You can daydream as you watch the paddleboards glide past towards the sea. And you can admire the landscape of Trouville with its beautiful buildings and the church of Notre-Dame des Victoires with its tall bell tower.

View of Touques and the quays of Trouville

Rues General de Gaulle and Aguesseau

Just after the bridge, the major shopping street of Rue Général de Gaulle reaches the Touques. Local shops, restaurants, a vegan concept store, an escape room and many other hidden gems reside side by side and liven up this residential area. The Parc de la Roseraie, for its part, welcomes visitors to the shade of its tall trees.

On the way up to Aguesseau, the delightful Saint-Jean chapel opens its doors for a few days each year for guided tours. Not far from the Charles Mozin College, the skate park offers ramps, slides and launchers to skating fans.