Our commitments to sustainable development

The Trouville-sur-Mer Tourist Office is classified in category 1, and has the Tourism Quality Label. Our Tourist Office is committed to a sustainable approach through a range of actions.

Our internal actions
  • We recycle printed paper
  • We sort and recycle unused flyers, boxes and brochures
  • We recycle our used ink cartridges
  • Our trips are made in an environmentally responsible way
  • Our equipment is put on standby automatically
Our publications
  • We work with certified Imprim'Vert® printers
  • Our publications are managed in an environmentally responsible way
Discover Trouville-sur-Mer and the region
  • We promote green transport for our visitors: bicycle, public transport, train, carpooling...
  • We provide documentation on fragile natural environments throughout the region
Our shop area
  • We highlight the products from Trouville-sur-Mer or produced in Normandy
The Tourist Office is committed to
  • Encouraging visitors to consult brochures on the website
  • Implementing actions to improve the environmental quality of life during Quality Tourism group meetings
  • Prioritize local players
  • Joining the network of Sustainable Tourism Players (ATD)