Trouville-sur-Mer is a city steeped in history where culture is good. Discovered in 1825 by the Parisian painter Charles Mozin, it is the oldest seaside resort in Normandy.

Immediately seduced by the small fishing village, Charles Mozin reproduced the magnificent landscapes that surrounded it on canvas and, on his return to Paris, made it famous. With the birth of sea bathing and the development of the railway, the resort attracts a crowd of tourists and artists. Trouville-sur-Mer then becomes a must-visit resort.

The years have passed and the city has developed but it has retained its soul of a small fishing port and still charms visitors.

A rich cultural past still clearly visible and waiting to be discovered!


Visit to grow

More than idleness and swimming, Trouville-sur-Mer is also an opportunity for the most curious to walk through history and enrich their knowledge!

To cultivate yourself, there are of course museums. THE Trouville museum takes place in a splendid 19th century villa. Villa which is already in itself a historical work of art, witness of the great residences built at that time. Inside you will find exhibitions and workshops to learn more about the birth of the baths, the emergence of the resort and about the artists of yesterday and today who have forged the image of Trouville-sur-Mer.

If you're not much of a museum person and prefer outdoor outings, then feed your curiosity by strolling around the city. Several options are available to you:

Guided and commented tours

On board the little train, by boat or on foot, the anecdotes are there. Ready to discover all the facets of the resort? Ahead !

Self-guided tours

Tools are available for those who prefer to take the time to educate themselves.

The Tourist Office offers a architectural map with visit plans and architectural landmarks. A device that will allow you to visit Trouville-sur-Mer without a guide.

You can also download theaudio spot app, a personalized audio guide that takes you gives information about the places you visit.

And to discover Trouville-sur-Mer while having fun, you can download treasure hunt app Little Seagull or discovery quiz.

Come and discover the rich history and culture of Trouville-sur-Mer, you will not be disappointed with the trip!