All the applications to download to discover Trouville-sur-Mer!

Colette in Trouville-sur-Mer

Treasure hunt to discover the city: lead the investigation and go to the rescue of Colette la P'tite Mouette, injured after a fishing accident.

The aim of the game ? To collect the most seafood to delight the little seagull and get it back on its feet.
On the programme, lots of little games that will make you see the town differently!

To your smartphones, ready? Play! Head for theApp Store or Google Play and download "Piste et Trésor" (“Track and Treasure”) for free. Then select “Colette in Trouville-sur-Mer” and set off to discover Trouville!

audio spot

Since 2016, the Audiospot mobile application has been used to discover the history of Trouville-sur-Mer through sounds, videos and images.
Ten beacons spread throughout the city tell you anecdotes about the unmissable places and monuments of Trouville.

How does it work ? You walk around the city and, as soon as you pass close to one of the beacons, you receive information via bluetooth on where you are.

There is even the possibility of selecting a user profile to receive more suitable content (visually impaired, people with reduced mobility, etc.)

Download Audiopost now fromApp Store or Google Play and enjoy your personalized audio guide !


Famous treasure hunt for older children, geocaching is particularly widespread in Trouville. The goal ? Find, thanks to GPS coordinates and clues, the famous caches, small objects hidden in the four corners of the world. Several are dispatched in Trouville, will you be able to find them?
An original way to discover or rediscover the nooks and crannies of the town.

Download the Geocaching app on theApp Store or Google Play and turn into a pirate in search of treasure!