Tired of being locked up? Want to escape and breathe? Trouville-sur-Mer offers you the breath of fresh air you need! Come for a walk in the resort and enjoy the great outdoors.

Sea trips

One of the options for strolling in Trouville: the sea. Climb aboard a rowboat or old rig then enjoy, hair in the wind, the beautiful panoramas offered by the Côte Fleurie.

Otherwise, for a sportier outing, embark on a surfboard. paddle or in a kayak and glide on a wind of freedom!

Do you want to take to the sea and discover new lands? Spend a stress-free day in Le Havre with the sea ​​shuttle.

And did you know that a sea trip can also be done on foot? Yes, to combine the pleasures of hiking and swimming, there is the water hike ! An hour's walk in the water with a view of the beach and its pretty villas.

Walk on dry land

Back on dry land, other means of getting around are available to you. So, rent a bike, a rosalie, a scooter or rollerblades to wander through the city. Or take a commented tour of the resort aboard the train.

From the quays to the beach passing by the jetty and the Trouville lighthouse, magnificent walks are available to you on the coast.

Get lost in the small picturesque streets of the city, or in the surrounding area, in the Pays d'Auge campaign, and appreciate the charm of the landscapes that surround you.

And then Normandy is the horse region par excellence! Equestrian centers abound and offer rides and horse riding, on the beach or in the countryside.

Alone, as a couple, with family or friends, take a walk to discover the region and breathe in the Norman air!