Looking after your grandchildren for the holidays or for the weekend and searching for activities that they might enjoy? Trouville-sur-Mer takes care of everything!

Games on the beach, creative workshops and fun walks, etc. These are daily activities for young and old to enjoy alike.

Activities for fun during holidays

Trouville-sur-Mer welcomes your children or grandchildren throughout the year. The town also offers various activities and events suitable for all ages.

And during the school holidays, there is even more entertainment! There are workshops everywhere: Cooking, sewing, reading and all kinds of crafts - everything to keep your children busy from the age of 4 upwards.

But holidays are also synonymous with more one-off activities such as fancy dress parties, dance or music courses and circus and magic workshops , as well as outdoor activities: Beach tournaments, climbing, sandcastle competitions and treasure hunts, etc.

And the little ones are not forgotten! with face painting sessions, drawing and discovery workshops, they too can enjoy suitable activities.

Download our travel diary for children here!

Let's go to the beach !

What's better than having fun on the sand and playing in the waves? Delight your children and grandchildren and take them to the beach!

From a pony ride to a splash in the seafront pool, the leisure activities on offer are varied and will delight everyone.

Watch them play in the sand or in the sea and let the more energetic ones expend their energy through the different activities the resort offers them.

Surfing, paddleboarding, sailing, kayaking and diving, etc. There are introductory lessons for children from XNUMX years old upwards for little swimmers who wish to enjoy water-sports.

And for those who prefer to stay on dry land, you will find tennis courts, children's games and a range of other facilities on the beach. Slides, swings, roundabouts, football goals, ping-pong tables, merry-go-rounds and trampolines, etc. Your little monkeys will be able to have fun and exercise without putting a toe in the water.


Want to see it all while making it enjoyable for your more reluctant little ones? Ask them to act as your guide! We offer you treasure hunts to explore the town in a different way. This is how the P’tite Mouette and the Discovery Quiz work.

You can also take them for a little train or boat ride. Or hire them bikes, scooters or rollerblades,.etc. You can let the teenagers stretch their legs at the skate park.

Or simply stroll down the Rue des bains and offer them an ice cream, a waffle or a juice. And if they're good, how about a little souvenir gift?