In 1825, Trouville was a modest fishing port with ancient foundations based around 5 oyster beds. It was only in 1847 that this simple port merged with Hennequeville to form the town of Trouville-sur-Mer.

The resort then gained notoriety with the arrival of artists such as Charles Mozin.


The authenticity of the small fishing port and architecture in Trouville-sur-Mer

However, it has managed to retain its charm as a small fishing village.

e fishing port still contains only a small fleet of XNUMX trawlers, and the fishermen continue the traditional skills.

The history of the town can still be seen today in its architecture, its picturesque little streets and the atmosphere which fills them. This is what makes it so nice and authentic.

Its narrow alleys, winding streets and dead ends are still present today. They are home to pretty, colourful or half-timbered buildings. There are also traditional fishermen's cottages of the period, which are narrow and high and built with one room on each floor.

Another building which illustrates the architectural history of the town is the fish market. Before the one which is standing today, there was a version made of wood which was built in XNUMX. This was followed by a structure made from metal in XNUMX.

The half-timbered, brick-built Neo-Norman style fish market we see today was built in 1937. It has been included in the annexed list of Historic Monuments since 1991. This had the effect of protecting the fishing port district, which has retains all its charm and authenticity.

Rue des Bains and its small shops

The rue des Bains, this small, mainly pedestrian street, welcomes many terraces and shops. It is a district full of charm which embodies the family and authentic atmosphere of the resort.

RUE DES BAINS AND ITS SMALL SHOPS. Shops selling regional products rub shoulders with small, trendy boutiques to give a light and pleasant atmosphere.

The town constantly reminds you of its artistic background.The art galleries, the murals, as well as the art dealers and their painting studios, make Trouville-sur-Mer a unique place steeped in history.

A lively and charming city which will take you on a journey through the centuries and offer you a timeless break.