What is the tourist tax?

The tourist tax is due per person and per night. Its amount varies:

  • depending on the type of accommodation (hotel, furnished accommodation, camping, etc.)
  • and whether or not the accommodation is classified.
Who has to pay the tourist tax?

The tourist tax must be paid by the holidaymaker who is staying in one of the following accommodations:

  • Palace
  • Tourist hotel
  • Tourism residence
  • Furnished tourist accommodation or vacation rental between individuals (including homestays)
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Holiday Village
  • Outdoor accommodation (camping, caravanning, motorhome areas and tourist parking lots)
  • Port authority
The holidaymaker must pay the tourist tax:
  • to the landlord, hotelier or owner
  • or to the professional who provides the internet reservation service on behalf of the landlord, hotelier or owner.
Discover the amounts of the 2024 tourist tax in Trouville-sur-Mer:
Consult the municipal decree online at by clicking here