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The career of Catherine Pierra Rossi is that of an autodidact who painted as a hobbyist for more than 20 years, very busy with Parisian life in the fashion world, and who settled in the countryside, in Normandy for some years. She finally had the time to devote herself to this passion and share her life between Ile de Ré and Normandy.

The love of colors and the harmony of their shades acquired during all these years have nourished and helped her in her artistic project.

“Travel, nature, sea and countryside, sky and clouds, rocks and cliffs, inspire my painting. The goal is not to reproduce exactly the landscapes glimpsed or loved, sometimes photographed, but by going in search of my dreams, his memories and to transcribe, in his own way, the images on the white canvas”. It is a need, a desire that seizes her, to reconstruct the puzzle of reminiscences, by means of flat areas, successive touches, which spontaneously let appear or guess these landscapes.

The colors merge, overlap, often erased and faded, sometimes bright and strong; the blues that she particularly likes are intertwined, the more or less intense reds are softened by soft yellows, pinks, light or dark grays mix with the ochres, greens and browns of the earth.

Memories naturally give colors faded reflections, as if time were to make them reappear with evidence...

Her approach, if she can modestly claim to be artistic, is to share my emotions in the face of nature and life in general, it goes through the magic power of colors.

“Painting has become an absolute necessity, life seems sweeter, the multicolored space of his thoughts comes true with great happiness and constantly feeds my imagination”.

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