The Marbleworks

Do you know La Marbrerie? Come and discover a new address in Trouville-sur-Mer!

Armelle & Richard welcome you there with the partner artists to breathe new life into a boutique that has been dormant for 80 years...

The window of the Marbrerie will let in the light in a boutique refurbished to open to the public.

Opening time :
> Wednesday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 15 p.m. to 19 p.m.

> Our story
Originally from Picardy, travel enthusiasts (before the emergence of kg CO2). Having lived and worked in Paris, breathed in the provinces, restored farms and fishermen's houses in our spare time, finally boldly decided to unite our energy around a new life project (private and professional) in Normandy, strong in complementarity of our experiences and skills, and united by the convergence of our desires.

> Our engine
Building renovation
Unearth, preserve and restore the architectural heritage of beautiful dormant residences by trying to restore their original attractions: layouts, materials, furniture and accessories...

> Our partners
The talented and creative local craftsmen who agree to support us and adapt to ever-changing specifications.

> Our approach at La Marbrerie
It appeared to us over the course of the property rehabilitation, that this place was conducive to creation and daydreaming. The desire to share and transmit. After dusting it off, we turn on the light, 80 years of darkness. Offer an eclectic artistic program, a space for the expression of the talents that speak to us and touch us

> The address
In this old street that linked rue Général de Gaulle (ex route de Pont l'Evêque) to quai Kennedy - now a dead end because it has been truncated by half for a property development - a preserved property complex stands proudly.

In the inhabited heart of the city, a district of life and of becoming that is rue Général de Gaulle. This address, closed for a long time, conceals nuggets: fishermen's houses with walls of shells, a 1900-style building which around its majestic staircase leads to period apartments and... This shop was once dedicated to ornamental marble. Marble-mantled fireplaces adorn each of the rooms.

As part of the summer program, the sleeping beauty will reveal some of its secrets and other curiosities! For example, do you know when the last (and third) Casino de Trouville opened its doors?

> The Gallery
A shop - corked as before - is ready to welcome back its visitors, make its parquet creak, allow passers-by and connoisseurs to trample its platforms, shelter the works and their artists under its high ceiling decorated with preserved moldings and fittings.

  • Type(s): Art Galleries

Accessible to people with reduced mobility: no

Spoken languages

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Russian

Services & equipment

  • Pet Friendly