Norman Roasters


The company Les Torréfacteurs Français is a family-run coffee roasting company based in Rouen in Seine Maritime and which has just opened a magnificent shop on the quays of Trouville-sur-Mer, opposite the Fish Market. This brand was founded by Mr Grégoire MEURICE in 2016 who wanted to become a distributor for professionals and individuals.


A great story often begins by chance, and the creation of French roasters owes a lot to chance. It may seem crazy to create a local brand and compete with industrial distributors, but it must be recognized that professionals were then looking for a new supplier.


When he took over a brewery, place Saint Marc in Rouen (76000) in December 2015, Grégoire discovered for the first time an electric roaster intended solely for the production of coffee for the establishment. This device seemed obsolete, but after reflection he decided to keep it. It is not yet a question for him of becoming a supplier for professionals or of creating his own brand. Very curious, he began to take an interest in the art of roasting black gold. This curiosity quickly turned into real passion. After several months of analysis and training, he created Les Torréfacteurs Français and became a major distributor in Normandy.


The story goes that it was during a very rainy month of June and without any customers in his bar that he decided to offer his coffees to a first delicatessen.
An hour later, he had his first order, and 24 hours later, he made his first delivery. The brand was launched. Very quickly Grégoire Meurice moved to several grocery stores in the Rouen area to become their supplier and distributor. Each time the interest for beans of high aromatic quality, low in caffeine and at affordable prices is undeniable.

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