When literature takes centre stage! Every summer since XNUMX, writers, artists and the public have been uniting around their love of books and theatre during the 'Théâtre et Lecture en Normandie' festival in Normandy. There is over a month of events and meetings that will make you see Normandy with fresh eyes.

Organised by the company 'PMVV le Grain de Sable', these summer meetings are structured each year around a new theme. The theme acts as the festival's common guiding thread. On the agenda: Shows, reading walks, musical readings, literary brunches, meetings with authors and artists, conferences, cultural and heritage breaks, workshops, writing competitions and exhibitions, etc.

Explore the region through diverse and accessible events, for young and old alike. A festive and warm and friendly festival which unfolds in about fifty locations in about twenty communes.

The theatre and reading festival is an event that will help you discover Normandy in a way you have never seen before!

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