Trouville-sur-Mer in the movies with Off-Courts! This Franco-Quebecois festival is a must-attend event for short film enthusiasts and is held every September for a week devoted to creativity.

Started in 2000, the Off Court Festival the off-Courts Festival unites professionals and the public around a competition of short films, as well as concerts, and evenlive creative workshops. The spotlight falls on the town of Trouville-sur-Mer, which for a week is transformed into a real movie set!

Organized around the next generation, the festival aims to make all disciplines interact around the short film in order to create, in real time, for eight days, artistic works. Focused on France / Quebec, the event is now international and brings together professionals from many countries each year to present a multidisciplinary, avant-garde and friendly event.

The Off-Courts Trouville festival is a privileged and participative moment for an ever-growing and diversified audience, highlighting creation and multidisciplinary emergence, with:

  • The Village Off | Lab: reception of the festival, it is the essential place of Off-Courts
  • The Cinema: ephemeral projection room (Cinémobile) presenting short films in competition and out of competition
  • Le Marché: Trouville international short film market – the only place reserved for accredited professionals
  • Le Off du Off: exhibitions and events in the town of Trouville-sur-Mer
  • But also: outdoor screenings, carte blanche, film-sound evenings and Kino-Kabaret; events for the general public; participatory and image education workshops for all ages during the festival and in schools; meetings, debates and master classes with professionals in the field and residencies for musical and visual artists, for a week around short films dedicated to creation and multidisciplinary emergence.

A veritable broth of creation, the entire program of the event is for free et open to all.