Geopolitics debated in Trouville-sur-Mer!

Orchestrated by Frédéric Encel every year since 2016, the Geopolitical Encounters in Trouville-sur-Mer are designed as a space for debate and socially aware exchanges. The primary aim is to give everyone a better understanding of our current world and the international issues shaping it.

For four days, experts, academics, journalists, historians, politicians and diplomats meet in Trouville-sur-Mer to discuss and enlighten the public about today's crises and conflicts.

THEME 2023: Seas and Oceans 

Lakes, seas and oceans make up over 72% of the globe's surface and constitute absolutely considerable and even vital issues. But what is true on the energy, ecological, economic and even demographic level is just as true on the geopolitical level: the impact of rising sea levels on neighbouring states, the extension of exclusive economic zones, the opening of new maritime routes, tensions over rights to the sea, the return of piracy, an increase in migratory flows, efforts to exploit the sea depths, rivalries between great powers in the Arctic and the Indo-Pacific, etc... If, as Yves Lacoste says, "geography is used first of all to wage war", the seas and oceans constitute one of its most inescapable and eternal realities.

  • 4 days
  • 8 round tables at the Salon des Gouverneurs in the Casino Barrière Trouville
  • 1 main speaker
  • 1 guest of honour
  • 34 speakers: historians, geographers, diplomats, parliamentarians, officers, former Prime Minister, journalists, writers, artists...
  • 1 film screening
  • 1 bookstore / signature-signing area to find books by the speakers at the Geopolitical Encounters linked to the theme of the year
  • 2016: Is France a great power?
  • 2017: 1917-2017, Westerners and the Middle East
  • 2018: Wars of tomorrow: understanding them, preventing them…
  • 2019: Borders
  • 2020: Memory and Geopolitics
  • 2021: The Mediterranean
  • 2022: Where is America headed?

The founder of the Geopolitical Encounters, Frédéric Encel, is a researcher in geopolitics, a lecturer at Sciences Po and a professor at the Paris School of Business.

A member of the Scientific Committee for the journal Hérodote and a columnist for L'Express, he has also authored numerous books including “Les Voies de la Pouvoir” published by Odile Jacob (Geopolitics Book Prize, 2022).