Energy quickly gets used up just doing the day to day things. Want to take a break and recharge your batteries? Why don't you escape for a break? Alone, with your partner, your family or your friends, a trip to Trouville-sur-Mer is a chance to get some fresh air and recharge your batteries!


Cultural, sporting or water-based activities - get moving and clear your head! Why don't you let off some steam on a tennis court or a golf course?

Prefer water-based activities? No problem ! Catamaran, kayak, paddleboarding, surfing… Ride the wave and let go and relax!

Why not opt for an excursion to explore the surrounding area to stretch your legs while enjoying the magnificent scenery around Trouville? By boat, on foot or by bike, escape for a walk and enjoy the countryside around you. You can enjoy a breath of fresh air by the sea, on the beach or in the countryside!

Rest and relax

For those who prefer peace and quiet, Trouville-sur-Mer also takes care of youThalassotherapy, spa and massages, etc. Discover the benefits of seawater on your body and relax under the heat of a sauna or hammam.

A small haven of peace, Trouville-sur-Mer is also the ideal place to try yoga or sophrologie to stay zen and learn to deal with stress. It is all you need to take a deep breath and clear your head before getting back to your daily routine.

Enjoy the small delights in life

What better way to recharge than a good restaurant? Recharging your batteries also means doing the simple things: a lovely meal as a couple, a glass on the terrace with friends*or an ice-cream break with the children.

And if you prefer the privacy of your cosy holiday hideaway, why not sample some good local produce freshly purchased from the market?

*'Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health. Drink in moderation'

A good change of scenery and an invigorating break to get off to a good start! Chill out, unwind, relax, party... and above all, live. In short, go for it!