Want to brighten up your Instagram feed? Trouville-sur-Mer is a small fishing town full of charm and little gems waiting to be photographed. We have found some beautiful spots for you so you can leave with nice memories, lovely pictures, and lots of likes!

One of Trouville's instagrammable spots - The pier and the lighthouse

The Pier and the Lighthouse

For a shot that throws, think of the pier!

Trouville sur Mer

The beach and the Promenade Savignac

The simplest things are also the best... What would a trip to Trouville-sur-Mer be without a trip to...

Seaside villas Trouville

The Seaside Villas

Planted in the lazing sand facing the sea, the beautiful elegant ones welcome you during your stroll along...

Fish market

Made of half-timbering and brick, the Trouville-sur-Mer fish shop and its neo-Norman style will charm you for sure!

Fishing harbour

Let's not forget that Trouville is a fishing town! Hence its charming little fishing port which...

The Casino

Strike a pose in front of an impressive building! A true emblem of the city, the Casino Barrière is worth...

The Marine Cures

With its back to the Casino and facing the sea: the impressive Hôtel des Cures Marines. This imposing building, as photogenic as...

The Villa Montebello Museum

After the churches, to stay in architecture: The Villa Montebello museum, or how to exhibit art within art.

The Roches Noires

Not far from the museum, the former Hôtel des Roches Noires. Whether you are in the gardens of Villa Montebello or...

Serpent Staircase - View from the top of the steps

The Serpent's Staircase and the Panoramic View

A small hidden passage that connects the Bonsecours district to the heights of Trouville, the serpent's staircase allows you to capture...