Trouville Olympic Swimming (TON) – Cocktail 14 Trouville

Trouville Olympique Natation (TON) has been supervising swimmers for more than 35 years through various aquatic disciplines such as swimming school, sports swimming, artistic swimming or the adult section.

The club was built on strong values ​​such as benevolence, support, progress, a taste for effort and performance, all in a family and friendly spirit.

All coaches hold a State Certificate and have been working for TON for several years.

Historically, training takes place at the Trouville swimming pool (indoor and outdoor pool) but recently, due to technical problems, training takes place at the Deauville swimming pool in winter and in the outdoor pool of the Trouville swimming pool in spring depending on its summer reopening dates.

- Artistic (or synchronized) swimming is a water sport, a mixture of gymnastics, dance and swimming which is practiced in a swimming pool. This discipline helps improve flexibility, agility and endurance.
- The Adult Club allows adults of all ages to practice their favorite sport by adapting the intensity of their training according to their state of fitness.
- Sports Swimming is aimed at swimmers who wish to progress in this discipline and swim the 4 strokes, crawl, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly. It is also a way to start the competition.

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