Mr Smuggler, Norman artist, unveiled the first poster of his collection dedicated to the city of Trouville-sur-Mer. In his drawings he mixes, assembles and brings together different facets of the city with his favorite technique, linocut. 

« I don't like the idea of ​​reducing a city to its few emblematic places and monuments. The objective of this partnership with the Tourist Office of Trouville was to show an image of the city that goes further than the postcard image that we know.." 

For the creation of his posters, he wandered at random through the streets of the city to discover every nook and cranny.

« The city has a very rich and eclectic aesthetic. In the same street, constructions of very different architectural styles rub shoulders, a wall painted by Savignac coexists with contemporary graffiti by Misstic or M. Chat. There are also these alleys with lush vegetation, a real little urban jungle. The history of the city is also very rich, from Thorulf the Viking to the many artists and writers who frequented the city, there is a whole universe and a very inspiring imagination to stage.." 

Once the sketches and photos of the city have been made, Mr Smuggler will build and assemble all its elements to bring his posters to life. 

« I liked the idea of ​​offering a work that is the trace of a journey, of a moment in life. Looking at my drawings, it's as if the viewer has walked around the city with me.

Check out the creation process in the video below!


Samuel Prigent alias Mr Smuggler is 42 years old.

He is artistic director within the communication agency Nonchalantly, which he founded in 2005.

For several years, he has been developing an artistic approach around the technique of linocut. 

His artistic approach is characterized by his taste for mashups and improbable mixtures. 

« I've always been fascinated by graphic and musical mashups. These meetings of completely different universes and atmospheres. I thus develop this artistic approach in my works by mixing the many universes, themes and references that I like such as style architecture, album covers, cinema, video game heroes, contemporary art, popular culture, the cult characters of my childhood… »