For more than 35 years, nestled in the heart of Hennequeville, on the heights of Trouville-sur-Mer, a secret garden, whose serenity is barely disturbed by a soft hum.  

It is there, in the middle of the cherry trees, that Michel and Denise Hébert raise their bees. If it all started with a beehive to help pollinate fruit trees, today there are around thirty small houses lined up in the orchard.  

Inexhaustible on these useful hymenoptera, Denise and Michel are committed to their defense on a daily basis. These little workers are indeed sensitive beings that pollution and global warming particularly affect, to the point of endangering their precious production and therefore their survival. But pampered in this pretty garden, they offer, if the conditions are favorable, a delicious honey, "made with love", that which their keepers bring them.  

Find Michel and Denise Hébert's honey at the Tourist Office shop (availability depending on the season and the vagaries of the weather).