On the initiative of the Department of Calvados, the Tourist Office of Trouville-sur-Mer was invited to visit the sensitive natural area of ​​​​the Touques marshes, in order to find out more about the project and to be able to talk about it. once this is finished.

After putting on our boots, head for the marshes for a 2-hour walk between fields, cows and magnificent landscapes!

Located in the heart of the northern Pays d'Auge, the Touques marshes are among the sensitive natural areas managed by the Department of Calvados. They are home to many species of birds (212 species), amphibians (9 species) and dragonflies (33 species) as well as an exceptional heritage flora (266 species recorded) which make it a major natural site for Calvados. 

Sensitive natural areas, maintained by the Department, are intended to be developed and then opened to the public. In this perspective, a pedestrian path has been set up to promote the discovery of the site and raise public awareness of biodiversity and natural environments. In order to respect the site, this path blends completely into the landscape.

Check out some photos from our hike below!

How to park?

Un car park was built in Canapville, which marks the starting and finishing point of the course. To park, at the Canapville exit, follow the D677 towards Saint-Martin-aux-Chatrains, just after passing under the motorway bridge and crossing the railway line, take the path to the right (a sign indicates parking area).