We were on September 26, 2019 at Microsoft France headquarters for the #Hashtags19 ceremony, organized by the Socialmedia Observatory of Territories during the 12th National Digital Communication Meetings !

After coming in as the 6th most active small town on Instagram in 2018 and being nominated for 10 Best Small Local Governments on Instagram in 2019… The town of Trouville-sur-Mer is proud to be the winner of the “best small local authority” prize on Instagram in 2019!

This prize, awarded by theSocial Media Observatory of Territories, each year rewards local authorities for their presence and actions on social networks. This year, the social network studied by the observatory was Instagram.

This price is also that of the subscribers! Without the participation and photo sharing of Instagrammers, the city's account could not be so alive. We only share photos of locals and tourists because everyone has a different perspective and experience with the city. This choice makes it possible to promote a multiple vision of the territory so that each user can project themselves and discover new elements: a street, a landscape, an architectural detail... So a huge thank you to all our subscribers!

The Social Media Territorial Observatory takes into account no less than ten criteria to conduct a study on the performance of local authorities on Instagram, including:

  • meaning, public communication objectives
  • editorial line(s): account/stories distinction, consistency
  • aesthetics / visual coherence
  • stories: relevance, originality, choice of topics
  • entertainment, conversation
  • writing: good use of hashtags and emojis
  • highlighting users (repost, instameet, etc.)

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Photo credit: Cap'Com