Oh Les Beaux Jours - Workshop/Boutique

Natasha Farina creator and collagist of contrasts and unexpected universes. His imagination, his tastes, shape his creations in a daring, elegant and curious way! An atypical and singular journey…

In her shop, her creations, antique objects and designer clothes are happily mixed together. She also opens a creative and playful workshop where children rush on weekends and during all school holidays. 

> Small permanent exhibition.

A walk in the world of Natasha Farina never leaves you indifferent, here we are elsewhere and it is like nowhere… Creator of the “Natasha Farina” brand in 1999 for 18 years. The brand is exported around the world. She returns today with unique pieces that she creates in her workshop/boutique in Normandy: shells, half-figurines in porcelain, cut-out papers, vintage pieces give shape to her sirens, delicate and poetic creatures. Natasha takes you into the childhood world of her imagination and her poetry.
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