Life coach

After an analysis of almost 20 years, personal development allowed me to understand who I really was. I have since developed my talent for listening and taking a step back to help you solve blocking situations.

What is coaching for?
Coaching allows you to regain confidence in yourself and your strengths.
Coaching allows you to take a step back from your life, to look at and understand your blockages in order to remove them.
Coaching allows you to relaunch the dynamics of your life.

For me, coaching is a way of helping those who wish to look at their life through a prism different from their own.

This allows you to unblock situations that you thought were frozen and which prevented you from moving forward. Coaching is also support.

It is a constant listening that allows you to look at your life differently and find solutions to put it back into action.

It helps to get what you want.

Life coaching is for everyone.

It is aimed at those who feel a malaise, a blockage, a recurring fear, a situation that prevents them from moving forward and who wish to regain lightness.

Coaching sessions preferably take place at the coachee's home in order to also take into account their environment.

They can also take place outside (hotel bars, cafes, parks, etc.), wherever the person being coached feels good, confident and without risk of disruption (meetings, children, noise, etc.).