Around the olive trees

Focus on Au Détour des Oliviers: an online store dedicated to the sale of olive oil and delicatessen products

Like a sommelier in search of the best vintages, Fabrice selects the best olive oils directly from small producers, coming directly from France, Italy and Greece; as well as a range of delicatessen products.

Au Détour des Oliviers is an online store dedicated to the sale of quality olive oil, which also offers a range of delicatessen products: 100% French mustard, table olives, tapenades, spreads, balsamic vinegar , flower of salt…

At the turn of the olive trees is present at the Fromagerie des Bains, 50 rue des Bains. Tasting workshops are offered there so that customers can test and buy the oils with confidence.

For many years, Fabrice consumed olive oil from supermarkets. He was not necessarily satisfied with the standardized taste found in most bottles, but he was happy with it for convenience. But as soon as he started to read labels and take an interest in brands, he understood that the mentions therein are often opaque and damage the image of this noble product. Producers do not always provide the country of origin of their products, and the origin of the oils does not necessarily correspond to that of the olives.

In search of transparency and in full professional retraining, Fabrice met Cécile Cron, oleologist and olive grower. She passed on her knowledge and all the secrets of olive oil. From tasting to tasting, he understood that he could never go back to supermarket oils.

It is this passion for the authentic that allows him today to select the best producers who develop, thanks to their craftsmanship and eco-responsible agriculture, exceptional olive oils.


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