Open-air exhibition - “TROUVILLE” by Patrick Braoudé

Until July 28, 2024


Until July 28, enjoy an outdoor exhibition, “TROUVILLE” photographed by Patrick Braoudé!

Actor and filmmaker, Patrick Braoudé has been taking photographs since he was a teenager. “As a filmmaker who likes to watch his contemporaries, I like to take time to observe the beach: groups of friends meeting for a moment of friendship, families looking for relaxation, couples of lovers coming to isolate themselves, solitary people in reflection... With this particular light of Normandy which gives the sea its astonishing hues, from gray green to Prussian blue, to the sand this yellow of rare softness, to the parasols and colorful beach accessories their sunny shine.. . Some photos... like the storyboard of a film.”

Patrick Braoudé enjoys giving the illusion of paintings to his snapshots. Very particular and innovative, his photos have a strong pictorial aspect. Blurred, with saturated colors and without digital retouching, the rendering is close to Impressionism or Pointillism, with a touch of timelessness.

  • Type(s): Cultural


From: 09 / 05 / 2024 To: 28 / 07 / 2024