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By Valentine Goby and Xavier Llamas

Winter 1956. François, 22 years old, was crushed in his youth by a terrible accident which seriously disabled him. Medicine and equipment cannot compensate for this missing body. It is the water of the swimming pools which will give him the sensation of fullness: thanks to it, the obstacle becomes a chance for metamorphosis, and opens the way to all possibilities. Handisport then experienced its infancy, and soon the first Paralympic Games; a revolution of outlook and thought of which François becomes the solar incarnation.

The musical reading gives voice to extracts from the first part of the novel, Murène (Actes Sud).

Valentine Goby has published fourteen novels, crossed by issues of identity, the inscription of the individual in History and the place of the body in the construction of oneself. Notably, Kinderzimmer (thirteen literary prizes), Baumes, A liner in the trees and L'île haute (Actes Sud).

Xavier Llamas, guitarist composer, wrote and played with the big band Coda Jazz Group, the improvisation collective Cabale Jazz, and the pop/folk group Melody Linhart. He produces his group, the XL Group. He created and runs a music school in Yvelines (EMAS).

Text by and by Valentine Goby. Musical creation by Xavier Llamas (guitar, percussion, idiophones).

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