coffee philo

The Café Philo de Trouville was founded in 1997 jointly by Anaïs Pauwell, consultant in the creation of associations, and Christian Carle, professor of philosophy. It worked in various cafés in Trouville before being hosted at the Maison des Associations Stéphane Hessel, Quai Albert Ier in Trouville. Established as a declared association since 2008, it has around sixty active members.

With one session per week, he has treated more than 600 subjects to date. Alongside the debates around a subject, the Café Philo welcomed personalities for the presentation of their book, including among the latest, Marie-Claire Calmus and Bernard Maris.

Find the next topics of debate on the association's website and in the agenda of the Tourist Office

Participation for 1 session: 5 euros
Annual fee: €30
Free for less than 25 years