Feel Good Morning at Cures Marines Hotel & Spa

Well in your body, well in your head with our Feel Good Morning program specially developed in a global approach to sport and well-being. Train your body in a deep, postural, tonic or invigorating way, but also sharpen your concentration and learn the techniques of letting go and relaxation to find your physical and mental balance throughout the year.

Muscular awakening (Body & Mind), Soft Running, Ritual of morning sea bathing, Postural Stretching, Mindful walking, Sea Walk, Thighs – Abs – Glutes, marine aquagym, Pilates, Respirology, Meditation, Naturopathy…

Discover a wide choice of activities at Les Cures Marines!

Weekly schedule, available at the reception of the Institute.
Information & Reservations: or by e-mail at the following address h8232-th5@accor.com

Rates & payment

Pricing Min. Max.
Basic rate 0 € 30 €