Little Jib

Come aboard the François Monique, a seashell sloop from 1935! At sea, admire the Côte fleurie. You can even participate in the maneuvers if the heart tells you.

François Monique is from Brest harbor where it was built at the Chantier du Fret by Auguste Tertu. Its first launch dates from September 16, 1935. It was made for Hervé Salaün, scallop fisherman, who also harvested maërl (limestone sand) for soil improvement and red seaweed for fertilize the fields. In 2008, the old rig was bought by Franck Brize and repatriated to Deauville. He created the Petit Foc association and then began the restoration of the boat with the help of volunteers and grants from public organizations and local partners, giving it back its shellfish character in the harbor of Brest, with its colors and its rigging. 'yesteryear.

The origin of the boat's baptismal name is: François, name of the boat's godfather, François Kermarrec, first sailor on board, and Monique, niece of Hervé Salün.

Adult membership: €35
Children up to 10 years old: 20 €
Rates for associations: 20 €

  • Type(s): Association, Sightseeing boat

Rates & payment

Payment method

  • French bank and postal checks
  • Cash