They make the cover of our destination magazine “ Inspiration Magazine » … Discover the artists behind this magnificent illustration!

Émilie & Matthieu, two passionate Normans, created MOVI in 2018: My Eye, Your Image. They reinterpret, through their eyes, the most beautiful landscapes of the region to create colorful illustrations. During walks all around Normandy, they look for the best frames, the best points of view, the most striking, the most graphic, those that tell a story... Matthieu photographs them, then Émilie, a graphic designer, redraws them by simplifying the lines and reinventing colors. It is then in a printing press a few kilometers from their workshop that their illustrations are printed in the form of posters and postcards… Their collection continues to grow and now includes more than fifty 100% Norman illustrations. Beyond the decorative aspect, their approach is to carry the colors of our region loud and clear, and to export our beautiful landscapes on the walls here and elsewhere… Normandy is beautiful, let's display it!

Find their complete collection on and the “Trouville-sur-Mer” poster will soon be on sale at the Tourist Office shop!