A solution adapted to all sanitary configurations

In March 2020, in order to deal with confinement in a fun, innovative way and adapted to health constraints, Erick FEARSON, Aurore and Erik PEETERS created an original concept: Quête à Trouville. Bringing together escape game, treasure hunt and magic, this interactive scripted game allows team play without leaving home. Supported by the Trouville-sur-Mer Tourist Office and the City, the concept won an innovation prize in Paris: Bronze Hashtag Covid device in the Game and Entertainment category. 

In order to offer the suite to Trouville residents and all players, but also to offer entertainment regardless of the health context, the Trouville-sur-Mer Tourist Office has ordered the suite for Christmas 2021 with the request that the product is adapted to the context and rhythm of the end-of-year holidays.

The game in a few key figures
  • 1 teaser
  • 1 rules of the game 
  • 4 video episodes 
  • 4 index videos 
  • 4 how-to videos 
  • 24 puzzle game scrolls 
  • + 100 animated educational visuals 
  • 3 creators 
  • 1 unique concept

In order to announce the sequel, the 3 creators have posted a teaser announcing the event. Players will have to solve Count Orlok's puzzles again if they want to: 

  • find the kidnapped Santa Claus
  • find all gifts
  • travel in time to change the course of history and pass in 2022
The top 10 places where we played Trouville Quest 2

Trouville-sur-Mer, Paris, Touques, Louviers, Rouen, Deauville, Le Havre, Lisieux, Caen, Pont L'Evêque

Some statistics:
  • 14 publication covers of the page 
  • 1 interactions 727 reactions (like) 
  • 4 publication scopes event announcement between 274 and 105 players per episode

Quête à Trouville is also an interactive game in real time. Players can ask the Joneses for help at any time. Either by comment if it's a general question, or by messenger if it's to get support in solving the puzzles. This logistics gives another dimension to the game, directly involving the players in the unfolding of the story. They find themselves exchanging directly with the characters of the plot and influence the course of the plot.