Discovered by the painter Charles Mozin in 1825, the beach of Trouville-sur-Mer flourished in the 1867th century thanks to the fashion for sea bathing. In XNUMX, the Promenade des Planches was built in an exotic wood "azobé ". It will become a place of meeting and discussion par excellence, "the place to be" where the elegant show themselves, changing their outfits at each occasion of the day. Always present, the boards offer the possibility of a beautiful walk by the sea.

Trouville-sur-Mer beach has been a public domain since the 17th century and has been very popular since the 19th century. The beautiful beach and the sea bathing are a novelty in this prosperous period of the Second Empire, and each year attract a crowd of tourists and artists who contribute to its fame: the “Queen of the Beaches”.

Entirely covered with fine sand and shells, the beach extends over 1200 m. It is one of the few on the Côte Fleurie to be lined with sumptuous villas, built between 1860 and 1880 and each presenting a different architectural style according to the inspirations of the moment. Formerly the summer residences of wealthy families, they are now divided into apartments for the most part, but still just as elegant and sumptuous... Come and discover our beach of fine sand and shells which stretches over 1 m from the pier to the nautical Club. Leisure paradise, you can enjoy many activities: swimming pool, mini-golf, pony rides, structures of the Establishment of Sea Baths, Reading at the Sea, carousel, tennis, nautical club and various play structures for the little ones .