When Céline Garreau (“ Dream! ) begins to work on the promotion of the range of products "Trouville-sur-Mer", of the Tourist Office, it seems obvious to him that a tea could bear the name of this city so inspiring...

Tea is now a daily staple. Céline, looking for “meaning” in this project, naturally called on Hélène Adrion, whom she had met a few years earlier in her tea room at the time: “Arômes d'une coupe”, rue des Bains. Hélène now brings her expertise and knowledge to professionals. With the support of the Tourist Office, these two enthusiasts have teamed up to concoct a tasty drink with the taste of the sunset!

To have a tea is to pause for a moment… To savor the “T de Trouville” is to mark “your” Trouvillais moment. At the moment T, as in his memories.

Composed of a base of Sencha green tea with large leaves, embellished with fruits, flowers and natural aromas, this quality tea is "made in France". The fresh citrus notes that explode in the mouth will evoke the sweet sensation that one feels in Trouville, that of simply “breathing”. Then will come the "biscuit" notes of vanilla and almond, which will bring us back to shared snacks on the beach, in our homes, or elsewhere...

The “T de Trouville” can be tasted and looked at… Yellow for the Sunflower petals, orange for the Safflower, blue for the cornflower… you will find the colors of your most beautiful sunsets in Trouville! As for the container, it is simple and uncluttered. A kraft bag, a very graphic black and white label, in tune with the times.

Loose tea packaged in a 100 gram bag, €7,90 each.
on sale exclusively at the tourist office shop in trouville-sur-mer.