Artists in search of light

After a visit to the Honfleur museum, in particular to the cabinet bringing together Eugène Boudin's multiple cloud studies, one thing is obvious: the artists came to Normandy to paint the light. Fascinated by the sky, the luminosity, the wind, the rain and their effects on the sea, they watch for weather changes.

I thought this fascination was specific to the Impressionists, the first to come out of their studio to paint on the spot, but no. I told myself that with digital, artists had freed themselves from it. What a mistake !

Trouville-sur-Mer in the lens of photographers

Many artists and especially photographers have come to settle in Trouville-sur-Mer for this famous light. For the changing skies, for the reflections in the sea, for the gaps in the clouds, for the electricity in the air on stormy days, for all "these magnificent things that change all the time".

You have to always be on the lookout. Go in the rain to be ready for the thinning. Wait for the end of the sleet in his car to capture the magical sunbeam. But, whimsically, it is not always where you want to take your shot.

Painting with Emilie Arnoux

In another genre, with a very slightly diluted oil paint, Emilie Arnouxalso confesses his passion for light, the relationship between dark and stormy skies and very strong lights.

Fascinated by the sea, walks on the beach, the joy of bathers, the simplicity of bodies under the sun, natural and sensual, she paints summer, the outdoor swimming pool of Trouville, the lighthouse, the sand, the boats and the pedal boats, bodies in bathing suits, all tinged with an "American-style" atmosphere with metal caravans, gas stations, palm trees...

Of course, it would be a lie to say that today's artists only come to Trouville for the light. Trouville is also the house, the animation of tourists and the calm that returns. The perfect balance to practice your art and exhibit it.

Artists' studios

We usually have the image of the artist whose studio imposes a distance with his clients met fleetingly when a gallery exhibits you, and now online sales sites. But Trouville offers another reality. That of the importance of discuss with the visitor who crosses the door of the studio or the studio-gallery. A presence that is sometimes disturbing, sometimes exciting, always enriching.

Gérald Morel has designed his studio so that anyone who wants to buy one of his photographs can choose his paper, his format, his framing… All with just 24 hours of production.

Similarly, artists seek to offer several products in order to reach several scholarships. Thus Émilie Arnoux, whose order book is full for the next three years, prints posters. This is to allow small purses interested in his paintings not to leave empty-handed.